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We are a small team based in New Zealand tinkering in ametuer experimental rocketry and are also a competitor in the N-Prize competition, where the goal is to put a satellite of betwwen 9.99g and 19.99g into LEO and have it achieve no less than 9 orbits with an on day launch cost of 999.99 pound/sterling. The competition has a prize pool of 9999.99 pound/sterling and has attracted 16 entrants from all over the world and is set to expire, September 2011. We hope to win and prove space can be easily accessed by everyday people. (If we don't we sure as hell are going to have alot of fun building rockets!)


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August 16th 2010

Started welding my new engine up... on Twitpic

July 10th 2010

 Took this today,mill in the background... on Twitpic

July 8th 2010

2nd generation torch igniter,finished it up tonight, don't lo... on Twitpic














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